Wolf Guitars Innovative Sound Technology™

Here at Wolf Guitars Australia we have harnessed the power of unique elements from nature to form nano components. Welcome to Wolf TST OEM™

Our guitars will now exclusively feature never before heard, ground breaking technology.

Signal quantum filter modules causes our range of Wolf TST OEM™ Electric Guitars and Wolf TST OEM™ Bass Guitars to resonate harmoniously with Earth energy frequencies that have a positive uplifting effect on the mood of the listener.

Consequently to this, audiences who listen to our guitars at your gig will want to hear more of your music because of the uplifting effect of our technology, and of course, your wonderful playing.

Top end harshness and muddy, soggy bottoms simply disappear while still maintaining attack and aggression when required.

Smooth, Creamy Vintage Punch is accentuated resulting in a fuller, balanced sound. It's almost like having a built in compression pedal with a little extra drive.  

Listen For and Feel The Difference.